Elyssa Manis
Web Designer, Digital Marketer & Tech Expert
Hi, I’m Elyssa. I am the founder of NavaWeb, a one-stop-shop creative design and digital marketing agency. I have been a freelance web technologies expert for the past 22+ years, and have a strong passion for design and tech. In my professional life, I have many areas of expertise, including: website design & development, branding, digital marketing, funnel building, SEO and systems integrations. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners build their online presence with conversion in mind, through beautiful website design and smart marketing strategy.
With my clients, I value passion and dedication the most, and building strong relationships and connections is at the core of everything I do. I love to be helpful whenever I can be, and to find solutions to problems. I also value trust, as I believe anyone who works with me puts their trust in me to deliver something that will ultimately help their business grow, and I put my trust in them to guide me through their vision. A client’s website is such an important part of their business, and so I make it my business to do all that I can to make it the best marketing platform they need – to launch, grow and scale for the future.
In 2021, I completed a digital marketing certification program with Funnel Gorgeous, and I graduated and am now certified in all things:
Offer Creation
Funnel Design
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